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We are Floyd and Sue Hurst and have been enjoying Missouri fox trotters since 1961.  Floyd's grandfather lived near Ava, Missouri, founding home of the Missouri Fox Trot Horse Breed Association national headquarters.  He had some of the earliest fox trotters and gave Floyd and Sue their first filly.  Her registration number was 2,500.  There are now over 90,000 horses in the national registry.  Floyd and Sue have continued the family tradition of enjoying every facet of the Missouri fox trotter.  

Hurst Family in Colorado   

We have been involved with fox trotters in many phases of its growth over the years.  We raise, break, and train our own horses.  We showed often when our sons, Scott and Kelly, were young and at home, but we now enjoy trail riding and only show three or four times a year.  We have recently gotten interested in buggies.  

Kelly and Amber Out for a Sunday Ride with Diamond's Forever

Floyd has been on many committees for the MFTHBA.  He served as the first chairman of the National Missouri Fox Trot Youth Organization, chairman of the national budget committee, secretary of the MFTHBA board of directors for three years, and has been inducted into the Missouri Fox Trot National Hall of Fame.  He has judged shows, conducted judging seminars, and other seminars on various phases of the fox trotter including equitation and the use of bits.  Floyd has also served as president of his local saddle club as well as member and board director of Mid America Horse Show Association.  He is a member and past Missouri state board director of Missouri Back Country Association.


Even though Sue has not held any official offices, she has contributed since the beginning.  She has washed, groomed, and coached at every one of our sons' shows.  She has always been there to cheer on all the kids.  She assisted Floyd's seminars with ribbon making, grooming tips, and general support.  Sue has served as wrangler at MFTHBA Youth Organization shows and even hand figured judging score cards at the national show when the computers were down.  She, too, did her share of showing, taking her Cougar horse to many blues at national shows. 

Our horses are special to us and are of the highest quality.  Floyd studied long and hard to select brood mares to cross with our stallion, and we believe we have succeeded.  Our brood mares are out of Zane's Go Boy, Missouri Bo, Zane's Boss Man, Missouri Traveler, Sensation, and Missouri Rambler.  We raised our stallion, Rambler's Diamond Fox, who is featured on the stallion page.  Our clients have become our friends, and there are no nicer people than those you meet on the trail.   

Six of Diamond Fox's Offspring at Superstition Mountain Ride in Arizona   

Please come by and visit us or call at 417-753-2469.  When you come to preview our horses for sale, we will try to take you on a little ride to experience the Ozarks and see how natural Missouri fox trotters perform.  We are sure you will love them as we do.